In 1974,¬†members of the former Springfield-Boston Football Club met to form a new club that would join the existing teams in the New England GAA. Unlike other well-established clubs named after specific counties and having a majority of players with ties to that county, this new club had an identity crisis. No more than three or four members came from the same province, let alone the same county. The name Shannon Blues derived from the color of the team’s jersey and the Shannon River, which flows through many of the counties the members called home.The main reason of forming the club was to retain the friendships that were formed during the years with the Springfield-Boston team. While football was the driving force of the club, the members found other activities such as bowling, basketball, darts and card games to meet and enjoy each other’s company. The Blues seem to grow stronger with each passing year, as winning both the New England GAA’s Junior and Senior Football Championships of 1999 and the New England and North American Intermediate Championship of 2004 indicates.¬†

The past couple of years have also been very successfull with our senior team competing in the last four semi finals, winning the senior final in 2012 and narrowly lossing the senior final in 2009 our juniors went on to win the junior championship of 2009. We are a very successfull club on and off the field with members who are very dedicated and motivated in bringing success to the club year after year.