Fixtures 2013

All games are played at the Irish Cultural Center, Canton MA.

Senior Fixtures

Date Opponent Time
Sun May 26th Vs Wolfe Tones 3.45pm
Sun June 9th Vs Galway 4.45pm
Sun June 23rd Vs Kerry 2.30pm
Sun June 30th Vs  Connemara Gaels 5.00pm
Sun July 14th Vs Donegal 5.00pm
Sun July 28th Vs Aidan McAnespies 5.00pm
Sun Aug 4th Vs St Christopher’s 2.30pm

This is the last regular season game. The Quarter finals are fixed for the weekend of August 11th and the semi finals the following weekend sunday August 17th, The Final is fixed for Sunday August 24th.

Junior A, Group 2, Fixtures.

Fixtures subject to change!

Date Opponent Time
Sun June 9th Vs Galway 11.30am
Weds June 12th Vs St Christopher’s 5.30pm
Sun June 30th Vs Kerry 3.00pm
Sun July 7th Vs Connemara Gaels 3.00pm
Sat July 2oth vs  St Christopher’s 3.45pm
Sun Aug 11th Vs Galway 12.30pm

This is the last regular season game.  The Semi finals are fixed for the weekend of August 17th and the final the following weekend Sunday August 24th

Junior B Fixtures.

Date Opponent Time
Sun June 16th Vs Kerry 1.45pm
Sat June 22nd Vs Donegal 5.oopm
Sat June 29th Vs NE Celtics 5.00pm
Weds July 10th Vs Aidan McAnespies 5.30pm
Sun July 21st Vs Hartford 1.45pm
Sun Aug 4th Vs McAnespies 4.15pm
Sun Aug 11th Vs Hartford 3.00pm

This is the last regular season game.